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Snr Remedial Massage Therapist

Eliot HUNT

Hello, I'm Elly, a dedicated Remedial Massage Therapist and the Director of Powered By Prevention. With a profound passion for the Health and Fitness industry since 2009, I have been offering exceptional Massage Therapy services since 2018.

My professional journey encompasses a diverse background in Nurse training, Health Care Assistance, Personal Training, Regional Management/Coordination, and Coaching. This rich array of experiences enables me to integrate valuable skills, extensive expertise, and qualifications to deliver high-quality treatments and support my team effectively.

From humble beginnings, I built my business with unwavering support and encouragement from friends, family, and clients. I continuously strive to stay at the forefront of current research, enhance my education, and expand my knowledge of the Health and Fitness industry.

I take pride in my proactive and positive approach, keeping my promises, going the extra mile, adopting a solution-focused mindset, and collaborating with fellow health professionals to provide the best possible health treatments, aligning with the Whare Tapa Wha Model.

When I'm not immersed in massage therapy or managing my business, I indulge in my passions for surfing, skating, strongwoman training, and crossfit. Exploring new restaurants and cafes also brings me joy. Additionally, I proudly serve as a volunteer Firefighter and share my life with a loving partner and two delightful dogs 🐶.

Elly's Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Sport & Recreation L7

  • National Certificate in Massage L5

  • Remedial Massage L6

  • Cupping Certification

  • ACE Dry Needling Certification

  • Advanced Myofascial Certification

  • National Certificate in Fitness L3

  • Health Care Assistance L4

  • National Certificate in Science & Technology L5

  • NZFire Service First Aid Medical Certificate

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Snr Remedial Massage Therapist


Hello, my name is Brody.
Having grown up in a competitive and sporty household in Johannesburg, South Africa - sport has played a massive role in making me who I am today. Name any sport that involves a bat, ball, or racket; I've played them all.
I experienced an injury, which lead to me learning and understanding the importance of injury prevention and proper recovery from a young age. Since then, I felt the desire to pursue a career whereby I could assist teams and athletes (professional and amateur) in achieving the best performance and recovery possible.
I received my Bachelor Degree in Sport & Recreation in 2017. The following year I received my New Zealand Diploma in Wellness and Relaxation Massage - this is where my passion for Massage Therapy was sparked.
My approach to Massage Therapy is both scientific and holistic. I thoroughly enjoy keeping up to date with new studies and practices, and am constantly searching for ways to add to and improve my treatment sessions for all clients.
In 2021, I began working with the number 1 ranked UCI Road Cycling team in Africa - ProTouch. I was extremely fortunate to spend 2022 traveling the world and working with the team as their Soigneur - responsible for the athlete's nutrition, rehabilitation and recovery amongst other roles. This further emphasised my desire to work alongside athletes and sporting teams.

Brody's Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Sport and Recreation (Level 7)
    - New Zealand Diploma in Health and Wellness Massage (Level 5)
    - Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue Techniques: Legs & Hips, Chest & Shoulders, Arms & Hands
    - MSTR Scar Tissue Release

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Snr Remedial Massage Therapist



I’m Cassidie

I am a sports massage therapist from Michigan, USA. I have owned and operated my own business in massage therapy for the past 5 years, and it is my total passion! I studied massage therapy at Utah College of Massage Therapy in 2018, then went on to studying IASTM with cupping and muscle scraping.

I have worked with many USA football and rugby athletes over the years, and am honored to be able to work on New Zealand’s athletes and locals while I am here on a year working visa

Current hobbies are hiking, reading, CrossFit, guitar and painting and getting to know my new community in the mount!

Excited to work with you all

Cassie's Qualifications:

  • IASTM with Cupping and Muscle Scraping
    - Massage Therapy (Utah College of Massage Therapy

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