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Cold Water Immersion Therapy

- Faster recovery from exercise and injury

- Immune system boost

- Improves brain function and mood

- Increases energy, metabolism, and weight loss

- Eases sore and aching muscles

- Helps your central nervous system

- Limits the inflammatory response

- Builds resilience and grit

Infrared Sauna 

- Improves skin tone.

- Flushes out toxins.

- Weight loss.

- Improves cardiovascular function.

- Pain relief.

- Boosts circulation.

- Detoxification.

- Helps with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


Compression Legs

- Improves circulation

- Enhance lymphatic drainage

- Remove waste product including lactic acid

- Improve range of movement and flexibility

- Decrease recovery time

- relax and unwind

Pulse Compulsion Therapy

- Draws sweeling away from injured area

- Reduces inflammation and swelling

- Decreases muscle spasms

- Decreases metabolic damage

- Encourages oxygenated blood flow

- Reliefs pain without narcotics


Massage Guns

- Accelerated recovery and muscle repair

- Increases blood and lymphatic flow

- Relieves muscle spasms and stiffness

- Breaks up scar tissue

- Improves lactic acid clearance

- Activates the nervous system and muscles

- Natural stress relief

-Myofascial release

Membership and casual rates available

Resilience Recovery location

Unit 3, 41 Newton Street Mount Maunganui

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